When children and families have the proper nutrition, they are best positioned to learn. RASP’s Health Committee’s mission is to provide resources to improve health habits in our community by creating programs and projects that facilitate good health in general.

EAT & Move, is an innovative program to educate children and youth on health and nutrition. It is a fun hands-on nutrition and fitness program that puts kids and teens in charge of their own health, and empowers them to live in a healthier and fulfilling way. Kids learn how to make their favorite foods in a healthier way, compete in food contests & win prizes!

With the EAT & MOVE Program, we produce healthy meals for RASP’s community and motivate children and youth, to participate in fun physical activities. We achieve our goal by involving our community leaders, parents and RASP members by keeping them informed with food choices and giving them physical and sport opportunities…
We have 2 programs:

For Young Children
Our program will teach young children that eating a variety of food is good for them. Members of the Health Committee will prepare weekly healthy food recipes and will incorporate them in a hands-on nutrition class every Saturday morning. A healthy breakfast will be prepared, teachers, will prepare copies of the recipe for parents to take home; along with a bag of fruits and vegetables, if available.
Because Kids love contests, kids in this program will also have the opportunity to prepare foods themselves and create colorful displays to present their food creation to be judged. Our hope is that through this program, kids will have an understanding of the types of foods are healthy for them.

For Teens
As we recognize that children at different ages have different physical and emotional needs. Nutritious eating and fitness are important for everybody at any age. We understand that for kids to change their lifestyle habits, they need positive role models along the way. That is why a large number of high-school students are actively involved in the EAT & MOVE PROGRAM!

The younger children not only imitate our high school volunteers, but learn nutrition and healthy habits from them. Our high school students, in turn, are given invaluable community service opportunities and themselves learn about nutrition, cooking, and fitness.

We also promote fitness among youth by creating sport tournaments. This summer we are planning to launch a soccer tournament in which all teenagers will have the opportunity to participate.

The program focuses on making kids healthy and active for life.